Please fill out the form on the right side of the page for the most accurate moving quote.  By filling in your desired date and adding comments will help us decide if we should email or call you back right away.  Calling is good most of the time but If I’m handling another customers piano I will not be able to take your call so a text message is often the fastest way to get the ball rolling especially if you need something moved asap.

There are many factors that go into a piano moving quote as the form at the right answers near perfectly.  If you call or text please have the nearest crossroads of both locations, the type of piano and appox size, if there is any stairs or narrow hall ways and turns into bedrooms?  The lowest case scenario for an upright moving less then 10 miles would be $160 from our North Phoenix shop near Bell Rd and 59th Ave. For a grand piano the price starts at $260 for this will require one more person and more care goes into blanketing and plastic wrapping the piano.

When you are ready to start receiving quotes I would recommend calling a round a bit before calling us that way after I tell you about our price and the services we offer such as a professional safe move, some cleaning, polishing of the piano and then a tuning assessment that will allow me to give you an exact price to have the piano to be finely tuned by one of our technicians two plus week after it acclimates to its new location we will be able to schedule you because you will know that you have found the right mover for your piano. The tuning assessment is not a tune but will allow you to make an informed decision.  Thanks for considering.