When considering a piano move in Phoenix  its always a good idea to weigh all the options and possible costs involved in carefully moving your finely tuned instrument:

1. Will my piano leave the city and possibly have humidity changes? This may require preparations and adjustments to be made two weeks after the piano is moved.

2. If its a grand piano will the piano be sitting on its side for a prolonged period of time or will it be assembled on delivery? If the piano is stored for more then a day on its side sometimes the hammer alignment can be adversely affected and require adjustments when being tuned.

3. Are there stairs involved in your move? This always adds a cost both in moving and possibly future tunes if not moved correctly.

4. Will my final destination have hardwood or carpet?  Especially for heavy uprights and grand pianos its important to always have the piano movers to install the piano cups which will properly displace the weight of the piano and save future damage to your flooring.

5. Does your mover have experience with your particular situation and piano.  Always check reviews, videos and ask lots of questions so that your very comfortable with the process.

This should get you thinking in the right direction. For further questions please text or call me, Daniel 623-282-1411.