Piano Tuning Service

Our piano tuning services are among the best in quality, price and schedule.

We have two technicians working north and south parts of the valley to make sure your cost is down and that we do it timely a round your schedule.

A couple things to consider, if your piano has just been moved then its best to let it sit for at least 2 weeks while you enjoy playing it. The piano strings will continue to stretch all that they ever would from the light jolts during move and the change in environment to a new location with different heating and cooling sources.

Regarding those sources it best to position your piano away from any direct influence of temperature as much as possible to save on your annual or bi-annual tuning expenses. This might mean having it moved on the north side of the house a way from direct sun or away from duct registers on the wall.  Of course having the lid of the piano open toward the bulk of the room is nice for sound and looks but considering how the placement will affect your long term tuning and overall investment costs should come into the conversation as well.

Piano tuning costs vary depending on size, type, tuning condition and distance traveled.  For a first piano tuning we will give you an introductory price based on the mentioned criteria and then depending on how much work is involved in that tune their may be additional cost for future tunes. For example, the pins that hold the tension could be very stubborn and what might usually take 45 minutes might take an hour or longer.

For uprights and grands the introduction price might be as low as $120 and go up from there depending on the criteria mentioned. Please fill out the same form for a move, but in the additional comments section please include the specifics of your piano, thank you.

piano tuning
piano tuning is needed after a piano move