Piano Storage

Piano Storage is one of those things that you can’t imagine needing until you actually need it. Whether you are replacing your flooring or in the process of moving to a new place sometimes piano storage is a very good and necessary option.  And we try to make it as easy on you as possible, both with your schedule and financially.  The cost will depend on several factors of course so please thoroughly fill out the quote form at the right using the additional comments section to add things like length of time needed to be stored and if any additional service would like to be added while we are baby sitting your piano.

The storage service includes picking up the piano, blanketing and shrink wrapping the piano, careful delivery to our climate controlled rooms.  Some of the additional services that we offer while the piano is in our care are cleaning inside and and out, tuning if the piano would require more then one tune any way we will tune the first time in our care and the second two weeks after the delivery back to your place.  Cleaning the action and special conditioning are also extra services that usually take a great deal of time and care but while we have the piano in our care there are discounts on these services.  Please submit and quote or call for specifics of each service.  The pricing could vary widely so I’m hesitant to place even a range of pricing but one case scenario would be a baby grand piano being moving within 5 miles from our storage for less then a couple weeks and then delivered back to the house could be as low as $520.