Piano Moving Service

We specialize in both upright and grand pianos of all sizes, distances and situations.

As of December of 2018 we’ve moved thousands of piano’s over the last 23 years  including even many repeat jobs. Please check out some of our most recent moves in the short videos on our site and the satisfied customers response.

We use top notch equipment to make every move safe and successful. To us success goes beyond getting a piano from point A to B, but includes the highest degree of care that we believe is possible to make sure that you are at ease in your mind and that your piano experiences the best possible move so that it will remain very close to its original tune. This I feel is very important if you haven’t had it tuned in a while and the difference in a good moving experience could mean saving you at least $100 in additional tunes.

Two free services have been added to the moving experience this month: 1. A before and after tuning assessment, which could also be worked out even before purchasing the piano in some cases saving you $100’s possibly. 2. Also a quick clean with microfiber and cleaner to remove any blanket fiber and to restore the original luster of the wood in some cases.

Th typical price for an upright piano traveling less then 10 miles total round trip from our shop will be $120. (About half the price of competition due to trade secrets and minimal expenses.)

For baby grands and grand piano’s prices will start at $180 for this will require at least one extra person and much more time and care.

Tuning will also start at $100 and go up from there depending on if it will require more then one tune and the distance traveled. Please check our tuning page for more information.

I look forward to at least discussing your situation and seein if we are the right mconsiovers for you.

Please call, text or fill out our quick quote form for more details and for a free estimate. If texting, I will need the type and the approx. size of the piano, any stairs and nearest crossroads for an accurate quote.  Thanks for considering us as your piano mover.