Every persons situation is just a little different but we are glad to offer you a full piano storage solution. Whether you are moving from one house to another and need a temporary storage solution or your having your floors replaced and you are needing to protect your piano during the process we can certainly help. Generally the cost of storage can range from $75 a month for an upright in climate control or $100 a month for a grand piano in the climate controlled room.  The price for bringing your piano to the storage and delivery back to its new location are billed separately and can be paid upon pick up and delivery.  There are many factors that go into such a quote but the price could range from $100 for uprights to starting at $160 for baby grands. Now for grand pianos that are less then 20years old it is no problem to store the piano for many months on its side but for older pianos or for longer lengths of time it is recommended that we tighten all the internal actions screws, about 200 screws  soon after we delivery the piano so that the gravity on the hammers does not cause misalignment. Other services can be done at this time which at other times would cost you a lot more if one of our technicians would have come to your place like replacing the key tops or staining the piano.  Also, it is possible that we could help you sell your piano in our showroom if you are not able to take it with you to your new location. Often times we can help you sell the piano very quickly and for more then you would normally get when we add tuning and delivery services to the package.  Please call, text or fill out our quote form to get the best rate today.