IMAG2580We are now offering great rates on long distance piano moves.  There are at least two options which we can help you with. Option one, we do everything and there are several factors that go into finding your price per mile but it could be as low as $1.25 a mile.  One example would be a baby grand piano moved from Scottsdale AZ to San Diego CA would be 365 miles times $1.25 a mile equals $456.25.  Factors that could affect the price could be size of the piano, if there are steps involved, specific pick up and delivery days requested.  This is a full service from one location to another so there are no other services needed to safetly move your piano. Simply call, text or fill out our quote form for the fastest and most economically quote.

Option two might be less expensive depending on the factors listed above and your current situation. For example if you have a U-Haul truck or trailer it might be less expensive for us to provide a piano board, blankets and straps for $140 and then we professionally wrap and load your piano into the truck for you it could be as low as $250 for everything needed depending on distance from our North Phoenix shop.