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Welcome to Phoenix Piano Moving Company Website We offer a full service piano moving for all sizes of uprights and grand pianos in all of Arizona. Please fill out our piano mover estimate form for a free piano moving quote. Best way to find piano mover near me.

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We offer a free piano tuning assessment after each piano move. Then two weeks later we will tune the piano if possible with one tune. Starting price at $120 for uprights and $100 dollars for grand pianos based on distance traveled. Check out our piano tuning page.

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We offer indoor climate control storage service. Pianos of all sizes and length of time needed to store your piano. Price of storage service will depend on length of distance traveled and length of time in storage. Please submit that information on our quote form for an accurate best price of piano storage. To learn more about the piano storage details please call us or fill out our contact us form. Also visit the Phoenix Piano Storage page.

Pianos for Sale

We try to have pianos available to purchase for our customers to truly experience a one stop service. Typically these pianos uprights ranging from $300 to $1,000 in value. Click the link below to view our current special offer.
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Moving a small piano?



Maybe you’ve successfully moved your family piano in the past with minimal scratches and hassle but your experience would probably be very rare.  After moving thousands of pianos over the years Phoenix Piano Moving has observed the following: 1. Without the proper dolly, pianos will get marks of paint and scratches in the moving process on the front of the piano where they get seen the most. 2. The legs, if not properly cared for will get damaged and weakened so that the piano loses its balanced look. 3. Although stout in appearance a piano is a finely tuned and delicate instrument that can be costly if the tune falls too far out of tune. 

Services to consider when getting a moving quote. 1. I do a before and after the move tuning assessment to show just how simple and smooth the process can be on a piano.  This tool has allowed me to hone my moving skills to achieve the best process to date. 2. A custom fixed wheeled dolly and a very long ramp insures that the piano will experience very little impact and a safe delivery. 3. Lots of blankets and redundant straps give peace of mind.

Probably one of the most important things to consideration after safety is availability of the move.  You might say what is the right way to  find piano mover near me?  How many times have you asked for a quote and when you finally give the go ahead you are told that they have openings two weeks away.  Not here. This is one thing that I hope to always maintain and that’s flexibility and availability.  I do this by having my team always working on projects, like refinishing a piano or cleaning in the shop so that when a customer needs a piano moved now or very soon that we will always be in a position to stop what we are doing to make your move happen.  

Last but not least is the cost.  Of course there are many factors that go into this but in general expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $200 to move your family upright piano. If you are wondering how do I find piano mover near me just call, text or fill out our form to get exact cost to make this happen today! 623-282-1411

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Need to find the cost of moving a piano or storage?  Visit the Piano Movers Quote Page.